My first experience with developing a full branding package for a business was in 2015 during one of my early graphic design courses at Drury University. We were instructed to conceptualize a business we hoped to start in the future and then create two seperate takes on that business, one that is cutting-edge and one that is classic.

Design 1: This design is a cutting-edge take on Zany Raven Co., featuring bold colors and an unconventional typeface, while still remaining classic with simple "ZR" logo.

Design 2: This design is a classic take on Zany Raven Co., featuring more conservative color and typeface choices, while still maintaining a sense of individualism with a hand-drawn "ZR" logo.

During our first round of class critiques, my peers voted on which design they thought was most effective at communicating the brand identity of Zany Raven Co. They chose my first design and from that decision, we each constructed logo design packages for our clients with business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and flyer with information on our design process (see caption below for text). 

Our Design Process

Zany Raven Company is a business that dances on the edge of trends, etching its own place in the world. We strived to reflect this integral part of Zany Raven in the letterhead, envelope design, and business card. All branding typeface is once again in American Typewriter, a classic yet edgy style. The addition of the flying ravens in the lower left corner breaks up the page, filling negative space whilst providing a breath of fresh air. The essential information located on the vertical right provides a unique way to display the text, further providing a distinguishable brand identity. On the envelope, the ravens seem to be flying off the page, adding an interesting dynamic movement. The business card front is minimalist with familiar elements, while the back features a complex raven that draws the clients’ attention and leaves them wanting more.

This project allowed me to dive into the full creative design process, refining my iteration workflow and deciding for myself what makes a successful logo and how I can leave my own designer's fingerprint in designs that seem outside of my typical style. 
I benefited from multiple rounds of critiques to discover how to improve my designs and constructively receive criticism to grow my skills.  

My iterations workspace for the cutting-edge Zany Raven Co. brand identity design.

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