Question Cookies approached me in July 2021 with an idea for a new consumable product line aimed to create organic conversation through fortune cookies -- Question Cookies was born! Inside of each fortune cookie is a conversation starting question, perfect for networking and parties!
Through the standard three rounds of ideas, edits, and revisions, Question Cookies' logo took shape. From our first round, the basic idea was there! 
We eventually opted to rotate the cookie design and brightened and expanded the color pallette. 

Round 1 sketches

After the initial logo package, Question Cookies requested collaboration on customizable templates to use on social media and a Brand Voice and Style Guide. 
Using Adobe Sparks, I created 6 weekly templates for social media, along with several additional templates for announcements and other news. A custom video tutorial comes standard with my Adobe Sparks templates package.
Question Cookies is a newly launched product line focused on connection and community building through intentional questions inside of traditional fortune cookies. Question Cookies is anything but traditional; each cookie is designed to make social gatherings, ice breakers, and networking more comfortable for all. The logo for Question Cookies was inspired by the funky curves of a fortune cookie, creating an icon that is charming and high energy.
The use of the hand drawn typeface Lovehearts XYZ by UK-based designer, Darrell Flood, creates a playful presentation alongside fun confetti pieces, creating an exciting, dynamic logo. The soft edges and bold line work accompany a bright and bold tetradic color pallete to develop a brand identity that is delightful, novel, and accessible.
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