COVID-19 challenged everything we had planned when Alexander Hamilton Scholars was named NARPM's Charity of the Year for 2020. Monthly conferences across the US were to be held, serving as a place for networking and fundraising. These conferences were all canceled and fundraising endeavors were shifted online. In the meantime, I worked with NARPM to create content to enable virtual conferences and experiences and we are expected to fundraise 50% of the initial proposal pre-COVID (TBD in November 2020). 
This video is a collaboration from the Emergency Funds Campaign I ran for Alexander Hamilton Scholars in April 2020 and 2020 NARPM President Kellie Tollifson.
To compensate for being unable to bring live student speakers to in-person conferences, I collaborated on videos with two of our student speakers. These videos are being shown during virtual NARPM conferences. 
What was poised to be a campaign that would challenge my skills in event planning and coordinating for in-person conferences has led to challenges in pivoting to a virtual platform and collaborating for best practices with NARPM. 
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