Since moving to Milwaukee, WI in 2021, I have found myself entering the music, art, and organizing scenes. This page documents some of the rad projects I've helped bring to life!
I joined the MIDCOAST Collective in early 2022. I am currently serving as an illustrator and designer on the Art Haus team, where I create posters for upcoming music and art shows.
This poster for the Vol. 16 show features an illustration of eye-poppies I drew in ProCreate, along with a combination of hand-drawn fonts and typeface. 
Below are posters I've designed for our Vol. 18 show and a community Swap Meet:
"MIDCOAST is a grassroots, multimedia, artist collective that supports local artists, organizations and community members through collaborative projects and resource collectivization.
We aim to be a pillar for a thriving and just Milwaukee music and arts ecosystem and to provide mutual aid through fundraising, action and raising awareness for organizations, organizers, artists and other entities that align with our values.
MIDCOAST is a radical space for artists to collaborate and work together. We aim to be an organization that stands against the profiteering, hyper-individualistic art industries and to create class consciousness between fellow artists and organizers alike."
The Cathedral Center partnered with Indeed Brewing Company to host an evening of live music and beer sampling to benefit their nonprofit. I was invited to create a poster, social media square, and Facebook event cover photo using different logos, which the organization then put to a vote. The design featuring more orange won.
Mr. Nice Guy Presents invited me to create a social media square for their Volume 8 show. The drawing was inspired by the founder's cat, Pippa. 
Catch me on the Mr. Nice Guy Podcast here where I talk about art, poetry, and all the goodness and magic of life at large. 
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