I took my first fibers and weaving course as a freshman in college, not knowing only a few semesters later I would switch from an Environmental Engineering degree to Art & Writing. Fast forward to several years post-grad, and I've found myself circling back to the physicality of fibers. 
I was gifted a small lap loom in the winter of 2019 and have been experimenting with natural elements and fibers ever since. 
I really started drawing heavily on my weaving practice as COVID-19 spread and I was privileged enough to work remotely from the safety of my home. While living in isolation, I used weaving as a way to stay connected to my physical body. 
While I've only gifted or allowed small compensations for my weavings with friends and family, I am open to expanding my audience eventually.
For this project, I used copper wiring and jute twine to weave around this piece of driftwood. 
These are some of the first pieces of wood I harvested during the fall of 2019. 
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