COVID-19 changed everything, especially the nonprofit sector, and even more so nonprofits serving marginalized communities. As the Marketing Manager at Alexander Hamilton Scholars, I conceptualized, planned, and executed an Emergency Funds Campaign in response to the pandemic. In two weeks, I received self-filmed videos from over 30 scholars to create our campaign appeal video. During this time frame, I also created a donation landing page through Classy and drafted content for a month-long marketing & communications plan utilizing social media, email, and phone banking. 

This video was the emotional driving force for the campaign, shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, email blast, and directly embedded within the campaign landing page.

The campaign landing page utilizes a strong headline, an emotionally charged campaign video, and clearly defined goals. 
To create a concrete sense of urgency in this campaign, I created donation levels that directly connected the dollar amounts with ways our scholars could use the funds, in addition to an area to choose your own donation level. Over one third of the donors for this campaign were alumni and current scholars in the program -- the highest level of engagement AHS has ever seen in a fundraising campaign. 
Each Monday, I released an email with corresponding social media called "Medical Monday," where we celebrated the accomplishments of our scholars in the medical field and in the fight against COVID-19. 
I shared video testimonials from current scholars and alumni of the program across social media throughout the campaign, making it the first video-focused campaign in AHS' history. 
By the end of the month-long campaign, we raised near 150% of our $17,500 goal!
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