My relationship to drawing has always felt quite complicated -- I never believed I could draw when I was younger. I could copy images but was too afraid to draw from my own intuition and develop my own craft. Perfectionism ruled my creativity for a long time and within the last year, I've finally managed to shake perfectionism and embrace the process of drawing! Digital illustration feels like the perfect blend of graphic design and traditional sketching and I'm constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of this seemingly limitless medium.
I started drawing on an iPad using Procreate at the urging of a friend to try out Inktober 2020, a month of creating daily drawings based on community prompts. I found a witchy themed prompt and community, #Magictober2020, and started from ground zero.
Having a consistent drawing practice and a supportive community of artists following the same prompts was utterly inspiring. I felt so empowered as a creator and really honed my skills and style!
You'll see this photo collage featuring some of my favorite illustrations from Magictober. 
To see more of my digital drawings, be sure to visit my art Instagram account, :)
I realized during the COVID-19 pandemic that I was sending around 20 hand drawn postcards a month to friends, family, and internet pen pals and my addiction to snail mail was getting out of hand. I loved the joy I was able to spread through art and writing on a micro scale and so I decided to get some of my drawings printed on postcards. After sending out batches of them, I started receiving requests to sell them in bundles. Thus was born my Etsy store!
I released a special collection of pro choice/feminist postcards with proceeds donated to NARAL Pro Choice America in May 2022, as Roe v. Wade is under attack. Art is political. Art is powerful.
Illustrating postcards and greeting cards for clients has been such a beautiful process. I've been able to commemorate special anniversaries for couples, send holiday cheer, and create encouraging messages for students during the pandemic. 
In February 2023, I was approach by Marquette University to create a "tribute to Marquette" illustration that highlights collegial values and two scholarship programs that are very important to the college, Burke Scholars and the Trinity Fellowship. 
I had fun sketching buildings on campus and creating a cohesive design that uses the official school colors while weaving in values. I'm really pleased with the end result, which was presented to a large funder, the Burke Foundation!
My Floral Postcard Set was auctioned off in the 2021 Alexander Hamilton Scholars Gala & Auction
My Reproductive Rights Postcard Set was auctioned off in the 2022 Urban Ecology Center Summer Soiree Auction & the 2022 Alexander Hamilton Scholars Gala & Auction
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