ARIMA Consulting approached me in October 2020 about a logo refresh. They had created their previous logo with an online generator tool and their business was gaining enough traction that they were ready to take the next steps. 
After an initial consultation, I learned about their motivations to be an inclusive consulting firm that deviates from the traditional narratives and firms that use bold colors and fonts and are quite abrasive. 
We went through three rounds of initial sketch ideas with feedback between each one, allowing me to explore a variety of concepts with real time feedback from the client. Their vision for the logo solidified with each round of sketches, enabling us to collaborate on the final direction to push for -- an abstracted "A" inspired by the points and peaks of line graphs along with the predictability of crystalline structures.
After an exploration of color, text placement, and color placement, we settled on a color palette of teals with a neutral warm complement of deep orange and tan, which they use throughout their website.
I was also asked to create a logo rendition for Pride featuring the Rainbow Flag with brown and black stripes. 
Ultimately, I was able to deliver a consistent brand refresh logo for a growing business and provide a variety of color and format options to work across mediums and platforms!
ARIMA is a consulting business focused on client projects and implementations that provide the latest technologies and strategies to help solve business planning and analysis challenges. ARIMA is an acronym for the “autoregressive integrated moving average” forecasting model. The logo for ARIMA was inspired by the points and peaks of line graphs along with the predictability of crystalline structures, eventually reaching this final form of an abstracted “A”.
The use of the sanserif typeface Avenir Light creates a modern and innovative edge against other more traditional consulting firms. Stylistically, the minimalist line work pairs with the cool and calming color pallet to develop a brand identity that is honest, collaborative, and curious.
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